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Welcome to the new website! Products at the top and information on the right. I am adding content daily. It’s almost finished. I will post news items here.

goat-with-radio-01December 4 2015
Sometimes I forget how small these things really are.
oshkosh-9xx-11November 21 2015
I made a little progress on the OshKosh. I’m trying a tab and slot assembly process now. It’s much easier to assemble with a little sanding and filling as a trade off.
side-panels-08November 13 2015
Here is the Goat v3 getting built up.
M1070-06November 4 2015
I took a commission for an 8×8 chassis for an M1070 build.
laser-m1070-03I also laser cut the body parts for him.
oskosh-07At about the same time I took another commission for an Oshkosh 7xx cab.
oshkosh-9xx-02Here is a test fit. Need to make some minor adjustments.
big-truck-2-hole-01Here’s a set of truck rims printed in nylon with two light coats of gray primer. Looking good.
big-truck-2-hole-03Shows the detail.
rock-04October 12 2015
I added the build report for my 64 Chevy Welder Truck. Enjoy!
weight-comp-01October 10 2015
I did a little comparison of the Stock Trekker frame and body to a Scorpion frame and sub-chassis. The Scorpion is 40% lighter. The 4 door and truck versions are about 36 grams. Instant performance boost.
rockstar-03Here’s a set of Rockstar rims printed in nylon with two coats of flat black. I think they look good.
my goat-04September 28 2015
I just finished my Goat crawler build. Next addition will be 1/8″ offset bead lock rims.
oem beadlock-laser-list-01September 26 2015
Bead lock rings. $1 each. Hardware $6. Hardware is 48 of #0-80 x 1/8″ socket head cap screws. Complete set of eight bead lock rings and hardware is $14. 3G is recommended for the inside for bead locks over 1/4″ offset.
2-piece-rim-06September 15 2015
I created a new two part rim that has a recess for up to three 3/8″ steel washers. This can add 15g of weight to the wheel. Here is the Shapeways link for the part.